Ubuntu 3G Internet sharing over ethernet

To share 3g internet connection over Ethernet first connect the usb device and activate it.I did it using pppconfig as explained here


Then install firestarter software

sudo apt-get install firestarter

Connect the ethernet cable between two systems,turn off wifi and make sure you have internet access.

Select network connection add a new wired connection,i gave the name as “shared” to identify easily

Edit the wired connections IPV4 Setting

change from dhcp to manual and enter the following details

address =
netmask =
leave gateway blank

Screenshot from 2014-01-15 08:41:39

alright now start firestarter

go to “applications” “internet” “firestarter”

use the wizard and select ppp0 as your internet device

select connection sharing and
then use eth0 as your sharing device

dhcp will be greyed out its ok no problem.

On Client PC

Plug the open end of ethernet cable to another system

start firestarter firewall ,now configure another computer to use this gateway

set your ip address to be
router (or default gateway)

In DNS section you can use opendns ip’s ,

Screenshot from 2014-01-14 18_30_41


Now just try pinging.

Happy Hacking 🙂