Enabling Compiz Fusion in Debian Squeeze and Solving the Move window problem

To enable compiz fusion in Debian Squeeze i followed the method illustrated in How to Forge site…Link :http://www.howtoforge.com/enabling-compiz-fusion-on-a-debian-squeeze-desktop-nvidia-geforce-8200But after doing this my title bars dissappeared and i couldnt drang windows by clicking on the titlebar..

To fix this issue got compiz settings manager “Window Decoration “  in “Effects” Section and also enable “Move Window” option in “Window Management”


How to get Desktop zoom in ubuntu similar to Mac

Get compiz fusion installed in your system…Enable Enhanced Desktop zoom effect…chenage hotkeys according to your like i configured so that ctrl+mousebutton1 gives zoom in and shft+mousebutton1 gives me zoom out……

Select compiz settings manager and enable enhanced desktop zoom

select the hotkeys

The above picture shows desktop before zooming…..

This is after zooming….

Enjoy….Happy Hacking….