Install TweetDeck in Debian Squeeze….

To install tweetdeck first we need adobeair in our sustem download the deb file from this link

then from the downloaded directory issue the following command to install the deb fil

sudo dpkg -i adobeair.deb

Then go to tweetdecks site Click the “Desktop” link on the website.Then select download its free.After the download/install Adobe Air will ask you whether you will open, save or cancel the downloaded application.If you click open it will install tweetdeck automatically.During the installation TweetDeck will provide options of having a shortcut to your desktop and launching TweetDeck after installation.I just selected launch the application.


Small Offline Dictionary

One of my friend asked me how to get an offline dictionary in GNU/LINUX then i searched for a while found out a lot of ways like downloading and installing dictd and seeting to localhost etc all these ended in a mess the simple way is to install Artha a good Offline dictionary…Artha can be installed by issuing the following command in GNU/Linux

sudo apt-get install artha