Burning IMX28 Ltib image to SD card and booting

After successful creation of bootable image as per previous post we need to do some hack in order to get the OS booted from the IMX28EVK board.

Most probably inside ypur Ltib folder there will be a scrpt named mk_mx28_sd .This is the utility used to burn the image to sdcard it will reduce us the difficulty of partitioning etc.he BSP includes the mk_mx28_sd shell script that makes it very easy to place the build output onto an SD/MMC card. The script will write the
selected boot stream, the rootfs.

The mk_mx28_sd script should always be run from the LTIB install directory. It knows how to find the boot stream files and rootfs from this
directory.Before running the script, you need to determine the device for your SD/MMC card. Find the device id of your SD card.

ls /dev/sd?

Try issuing the above command without inserting the SD card and with inserting the SD card then you will get the device id.The SD/MMC card will be the new /dev/sdX device in the output. Where X value changes as a,b,c etc.Once you already know your card’s device, updating the card contents with a new build image

cd ~/ltib
mk_mx28_sd /dev/sdX

If you dont have mk_mx28_sd in your ltib folder then download L2.6.35_10.12.01_SDK_scripts.tar.gz from Freescale site and extract it.

cp mk_hdr.sh ~/ltib  
cp mk_mx28_sd ~/ltib  
cd ~/ltib

Here you need to do a small change in order to make the script work

Edit mk_mx28_sd script and add the ‘u’ at line 177 then the o command after. This changes cylinders to sectors.

echo “o

echo “u

Once updated to create the SD card which is at /dev/sdX:

./mk_mx28_sd /dev/sdX  


Next, set the boot mode on the i.MX28 EVK board for MMC/SD on SSP0. The boot mode DIP switch settings are shown in the table below.

Screenshot from 2014-07-11 18:54:56

Then, insert the SD/MMC card into the SSP0 card socket. This is the rightmost socket on the bottom of the EVK board.

Finally, connect power to the board and press the Power button. You will see serial output over the debug UART if you have a terminal program

you will reach the login promt


Login using the username root

Happy Hacking 🙂