Connect Mobile broadband using pppconfig

Her am trying to connect a docomo EVDO Install pppconfig first.

sudo apt-get install pppconfig

Then issue this command

sudo pppconfig docomo


select “Create a Connection named docomo” and select “Ok”


select “Dynamic DNS” and select “Ok”


select “PAP” and select “Ok”


give username as “Internet” and select “Ok”


give password as “Internet” and select “Ok”


pppconfig will give speed of your modem as 115200, use this default


Select “Tone” and select “Ok”


give phone number as #777


Next step will be giving the modem name, I’m going to use /dev/ttyUSB0


Finally select “Finished Write files and return to main menu”, two files will be created, only will be ‘/etc/ppp/peers/docomo’ and another one is ‘/etc/chatscripts/docomo’
select “Quit”




Now to connect try these commands

pon docomo

it will start pppd and try to connect, but it will not throw any information in your terminal, you need to watch the activities through ‘tail -f /var/log/syslog’. If everything goes fine, it will establish ppp connection to Docomo.

To stop the pppd  connection

poff docomo


Happy Hacking 🙂




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