Settingup and configuring mini2440 Friendlyarm on ubuntu10.04

The friendlyarm kit am having is mini2440

The software and other packages necessary can be downloaded from the official site

The first software we need on our ubuntu system in minicom.Minicom is just like hyperterminal.Install minicom first

sudo apt-get install minicom

Now connect mini2440 to our system two connection one from the serial port and next from the Type B USB plug must be made to the system.On the friendly arm board the NAND/NOR switch must be placed in the NOR position

Now invoke minicom from terminal using command

sudo minicom

usually you will get something like this on your terminal

The problem is you need to configure minicom the port etc use the command dmesg this command lists several other messages also so you have to closely observe to which port the board is connected.Here am using serial to usb converter so the port deteced for mine is ttyUSB5 if you connected it to serial port itself it will be different

kill minicom using the command

sudo pkill minicom

then invoke minicom using

sudo minicom -s

It will give a screen like this

select serial port setup and hit enter

there change serial device to the port detected in my case it will be /dev/ttyUSB5 we can edit that by selecting A option.Also double check that both software and hardware flow control must be in NO

Then select save set up as dfl

After that exit from minicom and try our first command

sudo minicom

If everything went correct then you will get a bootloader like this .This is the preinstalled vivi bootloader on memory

Happy Hacking 🙂


6 thoughts on “Settingup and configuring mini2440 Friendlyarm on ubuntu10.04

      • oh thats ok Naveen am also a beginner…a beginner carving his experiments on ablog thats all…so does your qemu test is sucess…

  1. Thanks for the nice tutorial! i have been tried it, and it’s work fine.
    I’m using Tiny6410 board, so i have to restart the board after “setting-up the minicom” step.

  2. i want to ask, ihave already install minicom and tried with serial to hyperterminal my mini 2440 just blackscreen if i turn to NOR flash. i wonder what is wrong with my device.
    my port serial is in COM1 and i use ATEN usb to serial and use connector male to male to mini2440 serial but still have a problem. i want to know how to solve this problem. And i want to know how do you know what port is active that you mentioned /dev/ttyUSB5. And to set parameters for configuration COM,hardware. Thanks please reply to my email.

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