setting up supervivi,kernel & qtopia in mini2440

Download supervivi,zImage,usbpush and qtopia image from

These are the files i used

supervivi –

zImage –

usbpush –

qtopia –

Extract the usbpush this utility helps us to push the image files from our system to mini2440 target.When we extract we can see one more usbpush folder inside that folder there will be a usbpush binary give executable permission to that binary

sudo chmod +x usbpush/usbpush/usbpush

Get the bootloader using command

sudo minicom

select ” x “  and format the NAND flash

Now the next step is to load supervivi to target board using usbpush.supervivi is the bootloader.

First select ” V

Only after this you should push file from the host system.Push the file like this

sudo ./usbpush/usbpush/usbpush supervivi_20100818/supervivi-128M

If the push is sucessful then the minicom promt will be like this and will be back to the bootloader

and the usbpush prompt will be like this

So vivi is sucessfully installed.Next is zImage, Kernel images generated by the kernel build process are either uncompressed “Image” files or compressed zImage we selects zImage N35 bcoz  MINI2440 with 3.5″ NEC display.

Now we selects ” K ” option to download linux kernel and pushes the extracted zImage

sudo ./usbpush/usbpush/usbpush  linux-zImage_20110421/zImage_N35

After this step you may encounter with this error

Enter your selection: k
USB host is connected. Waiting a download.
Length of file is too big : 2517028 > 2097152
Failed downloading file

If you encounter with this error then you can solve this error like this.First go to the shell of vivi by selecting ” q

Then from supervivi promt type this

Supervivi>part del kernel
Supervivi>part del root
Supervivi>part add kernel 0x00060000 0x00500000 0
Supervivi>part add root 0x00560000 0x40000000 0
Supervivi>part save
Supervivi> part show

Now to get back to our previous menu type menu

Supervivi> menu

Now retry to download zImage with previous steps

Now we need to Download the root yaffs image.YAFFS (Yet Another Flash File System) is now in its second generation and provides a fast robust file system for NAND and NOR Flash. It is widely used with Linux and RTOSs, in consumer devices. It is dual licenced under commercial/GPL terms.

Select ” Y ” to download yaffs image and push the qtopia image file

It will take some time…

Now that we have completed all the steps select “ b ”  to boot the system

Here also you will get an error like this

“error – Kernel panic – not syncing: No init found.  Try passing init= option to kernel” –> this will be the error

To fix this error got to supervivi promt and type this

param set linux_cmd_line "noinitrd root=/dev/mtdblock3 init=/linuxrc console=ttySAC0"

After this select boot.Then the board will boot and we will get prompt of friendlyarm

Now calibrate the screen by clicking on the crosshairs shown and you will be taken to qtopia screen by default qtopia will be in chineese in second tab there is a flag symbol select that it chnages the language select english and we are done

Happy Hacking 🙂


9 thoughts on “setting up supervivi,kernel & qtopia in mini2440

  1. i programmed for a map using Qt that program was working well in my pc but now i want to port that program to my mini 2440 i’ve been working on this for last two months been throught lots of forum and lots of problems but i couldn’t find out the way, i know that we have to transfer the binary file which is created by cross compiling and then we have to set the path to that binary file but i failed in doing that so pls give me steps to run my own qt programms in mini 2440

    thanks in advance

  2. hi
    I do all as the same u say, but after install Linux and set the , when I change NOR to NAND the Linux not boot.
    I don’t know why?
    help me please 😦

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