How to configure RAID in Debian Squeeze

Purpose of RAID

Improve read/write performance and ensure redundancy in case of a hard disk failure.

RAID levels

Raid levels can be known in detail from wikipedia


cat /proc/mdstat

If there are any RAID devices present, they will be shown in the terminal…like this

md2 : active raid1 sda4[0] sdb4[1]

md1 is a RAID 1 (mirror) device, spanning sda4 and sdb4 partitions. This device is active and mounted. If it were not used, it would have been listed under unused devices further below.

458111864 blocks super 1.2 [2/2] [UU]

[2/2] [UU ]  – tells us both partitions are used.

if  it appears like this  [1/2]  or [U_] then you have a degraded RAID array.

Do manual partition and make partitions as per you need

edit partitions and select use as physical volume for raid

repeat this for all partitions and make all partitions physical volume for raid

Then select Configure Software Raid

Then select write changes to disk if correct

the next step is to create a new MD device.Choose Create MD device


Then choose the raid type you want

Choose no of devices

need to decide how many (active) devices will participate in the its two

The next step is to choose spares here its zero

Next choose devices we need to select which devices we want to use. For the first device, we’ll use sda1 and sdb1.

repeat the procedure for the other two devices

Now select root ,swap and home partitions….

Then installation begins………….

After  installation boot up to your system open terminal and type

cat  /proc/mdstat


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