Redistribute using APTONCD……….

APTONCD is a very useful tool or software that helps us to make or keep a backup of the packages we installed in our linux system.The main use of APTONCD is for those who doesnt have an internet connection they can make burn the .iso images that we create and can install in their system.This is a very useful tool which helps us to install the packages that we installed after a format so that we doesnt loose our usage bandwidth…..

The installation of APTONCD is described below…..Just follow the screenshots….

1.Select Applications>Ubuntu software center for older versions its add/remove programs….. will geta window like this…..

3.Type APTONCD on the search tab….

4.Then click on install……….

5.After completeing the download we can see the software on Administration>APTONCD..

6.On clicking this we can create and restore .iso images of the packages…….

Hope it was useful……………


One thought on “Redistribute using APTONCD……….

  1. Hi Bro, thanks for the post..But how to install all packages in an aptoncd image easily? Any possibility to install all the packages with suitable dependencies in a single click?

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